Pilates and The Franklin Method ®

Joseph Pilates, born in Germany, started developing a training system in the early twentieth century which would later bear his name. 

The basics of the Pilates Method lies in the development, control and support of all movement possibilities in the human body. 

Awareness and training go hand in hand in the Pilates Method, in addition to a careful construction of muscle control and a strong emphasis on the development of a centralized and integrated awareness in the control of all human movements. 

The method can serve as an extension of each exercise or therapy, as well as a stand-alone ‘workout' and therefore ideal in creating a personalized, customized training form.

The Franklin Method®

This method combines the mental and motor elements of movement in the human body through the use of:

  • Creative, mental imagery

  • Experiential anatomy in 3 Dimensions to explain function, efficiency and movement

  • The physical localization and embodiment  of all covered material in movement

The Franklin Method® is recognized by the health providers in Switzerland and is regularly seen at Dance, Pilates, Yoga and Physiotherapy conferences. One of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century is the plasticity of the brain; that the lives we live shape the brain we develop. The Franklin Method® is at the forefront of practical neuro-plasticity; showing you how to use your brain to improve your body’s function. 

This method, based on fundamental scientific research, brings efficiency to all physical treatments, trainings and/or rehabilitation.


Classes & Schedule (VIRTUAL STUDIO)


Due to COVID-19 all classes are now taught through a VIRTUAL STUDIO. info@studiozuid.nl

Studio Zuid offers a wide range classes.
There are mat classes and equipment classes.
The mat classes are one hour in length and have up to 8 participants, covering the mat exercises of the Pilates Method. The class numbers are small to create an intimate personalized experience. 

The equipment classes can be: 

  • a Private class (the trainer teaches a session of an hour to a single client
  • a Duet class (the trainer teaches a session of one hour to two clients)
  • a Trio class (the trainer teaches a session of one hour to three clients)

In the classes above all Pilates equipment present in the Studio can be incorporated.

Please contact us to set up your FREE VIRTUAL consultation.

Mat/Barre Class

Due to COVID-19 all classes are now taught through a VIRTUAL STUDIO: info@studiozuid.nl

Welcome to the year and week schedule for the Mat/Barre classes:

Planning 2019/2020

Block 1: Mon. 02-09-2019 - Fri. 15-11-2019
Block 2: Mon. 18-11-2019 - Fri. 07-02-2020
Block 3: Mon. 10-02-2020 - Fri. 24-04-2020
Block 4: Mon. 04-05-2020 - Fri. 10-07-2020

Schedule Mat classes

Monday         10.30 Pilates Mat ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)
                     18.30 Pilates Mat ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)

Tuesday        19.30 Pilates Mat ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)

Wednesday   10.30 Pilates Mat ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)

Thursday       19.30 Pilates Mat ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)

Friday            12.30 Yoga (Karin) DUTCH (Not Available at this time) 

Saturday        10.00 Pilates for Pregnancy ENGLISH/DUTCH (VIRTUAL STUDIO)


Holidays 2019/2020

Autumn Holiday         12-10-2019 t/m 20-10-2019

Christmas Holiday      21-12-2019 t/m 05-01-2020

Spring Holiday            22-02-2020 t/m 01-03-2020

Easter Monday           13-4-2020

May Holiday                25-04-2020 t/m 03-05-2020

Summer program        TBA

Studio Zuid works with a ten week Pilates mat block card. The block is based on the above holidays. If you miss your class you can make this up in any of the other classes offered. This system is designed to create progression, which cannot occur if you are not coming regularly to class. All new clients are required to attend one private intake session to determine the best class for your specific needs. Please contact us for more information.  

Equipment Class

Due to COVID-19 REFORMER EQUIPMENT class now taught through a VIRTUAL STUDIO: info@studiozuid.nl

An equipment class can be arranged in consultation with Studio Zuid. The choice for the type of class is a very personal one.

Experience shows that clients with physical complaints are best served by a Private class, simply because a targeted re-education works best in a one on one situation.

The first Private class has an exploratory character in which expectations and  physical symptoms and/or limitations are discussed. This 'intake' class lasts an hour. After this the trainer and client decide together on how to continue.

The Duet and Trio classes focus more on the 'Workout' aspect of the Pilates Method and are often chosen by clients without physical complaints.

VIRTUAL Reformer equipment class is taught through a VIRTUAL STUDIO television platform. This is an interactive experience where the instructor can see, talk and correct as you train in front a of a large television placed in front of the machine. You yourself can also see and talk with the instructor through a VIRTUAL television platform. Please contact us for more information and ask about our free VIRTUAL consultation.

Studio Zuid equipment classes work with a medium or large 'package' which can easily be used for all the equipment trainings. Please contact us for more information.

Wall Unit Class (Due to COVID-19 Not Available)

The classic wall unit is a variation on the oldest piece of Pilates equipment, the so-called Cadillac.

Studio Zuid is unique in having eight customized wall units to assist the small group classes as well as  the mat classes in connecting with movement from their 'deep core'.

Unique to Studio Zuid is the band and barre associated with this piece of equipment.


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