Why Pilates?

Enhance Your Wellness

Pilates is a great way to improve your endurance for other physical activities. During a session, Pilates will help your body align while stretching and strengthening at the same time. 

Calm Your Mind

Pilates and the Franklin Method ® don't only improve your body, but also help with mental focus and the mind-body connection. 


Classes are taught in both Dutch and English. 

Due to COVID-19 Studio Zuid is training clients from home through a VIRTUAL STUDIO. Special offer: 10 weeks 130€ unlimited VIRTUAL STUDIO mat classes! Also available REFORMER PILATES machine workout sessions through the VIRTUAL STUDIO television platform.

VIRTUAL Workshop Special: Sign up for three workshops €250, savings of 50€. Read more in the WORKSHOPS section.  

Please contact us for more information, and to set up your free VIRTUAL consultation . 

Movement From Within

Matthew Deal combines the method of Pilates with his knowledge of the Franklin Method ® bone, muscle and organ imagery. With this knowledge and passion he guides his clients deeper into their movement practice