Meet Your Instructor



Life is movement. Only by envisioning the design of the body can one truly move efficiently.  With this in mind, I work to help my clients achieve a happier, healthier,  and more simple way of life through the art of Pilates.

Foremost in my training has been my work with Eric Franklin through the Franklin Method®, and second generation master trainer Pat Guyton through Pat Guyton Pilates®.  I am a Franklin Method® Educator and Certified Pilates Teacher.

I teach with passion, honesty and precision, tailoring each session to your unique needs.  My goal is to guide you through effective yet tension-free movement, allowing you to discover your own body and strengthen how it moves.

Matthew Deal received his Pilates education in Boulder, Colorado from the Pilates Conservatory.  This three year education included years of personal practice towards a final year of mentorship under second generation master trainer Pat Guyton. 

Upon completion of his Pilates education he was introduced to Eric Franklin. Over the next three years Matthew worked towards a Franklin Method ® Education in bone, muscle and organ rhythms. 

Matthew has taught Pilates in Eindhoven for over eight years and is the proud owner of Studio Zuid. He looks forward each day to working with his clients to enhance their wellness and overall understanding of how their body moves.

About Studio Zuid

Located in the heart of Eindhoven is Studio Zuid, a training facility for Pilates and Franklin Method® Education. The studio opened its doors in 2002 and has built an extensive, loyal clientele.

Due to the excellent combination of Pilates and Franklin Method® Education, innovative workshops, and an international clientele, Studio Zuid is a unique place where clients and professionals can train and/or be educated.